Multiple Charger Monitor

The MCM-100 Multiple Charger Monitor is an advanced, fully-adaptive monitoring and display system for use with industrial lead-acid battery chargers. This state-of-the-art unit may be connected to charging systems ranging in size from 10 chargers up to 500. By monitoring the charge status of each battery, the MCM-100 provides you with a concise, single-point display of critical battery status information, including:

  • Fully-Charged Battery Locations
  • Partially-Charged Battery Locations
  • Errors in Charging Process

This at-a-glance information makes it possible to keep track of all the batteries in your facility, and to maintain the fullest state of charge in the equipment that uses them.

MCM-100 Multi Charger Monitor
MCM-100 System Design

System Operation

The MCM-100 operates by monitoring the voltage at the battery connection of each charger in your installation. From this voltage, the MCM-100
can monitor:

  •  When a battery is connected or removed.
  • When a charger turns on or shuts off, by monitoring changes in the
    battery voltage.
  • The approximate state of charge of each battery, by comparing cell

Displayed is a basic system design schematic, including the MCM-100 Monitor and Remote Units wired in series. The Remote Units are responsible for monitoring the battery voltage at each charger in your installation, and are available in 12, 18, 24, 36 and 48V versions. Each Remote Unit monitors up to ten batteries of the same type.

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