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For over half a century, Deka motive power batteries have set the standard for the absolute highest quality and most reliable performance in the industry. Our vast Deka product line is built for virtually any motive power application and rises above other battery offerings – time and time again.

The Deka Difference.

A lifetime of research, ingenuity, and innovation have gone into every Deka Battery, and a versatile product line and powerful product means your motive power needs will be fulfilled.

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Lithium-ion batteries with high intensity performance that’s built right, maintenance-free, backed by East Penn Manufacturing and powered by Navitas Systems.

The Deka Ready Power® is a lithium-ion solution for Class I, II, and III trucks.

  • On-demand power
  • Long cycle life
  • High energy density
  • Rapid recharge


Built Right & Supported Years of technology development including battery and exclusive Battery Management System (BMS) design ensures a highly efficient
and immensely powerful, yet safe product. The Ready Power was built from the ground up with the end user in mind.

  • The Deka Ready Power lithium forklift battery line has one of the widest assortments of 24, 36, and 48 volt UL Listed models in the Industry.*
  • Exclusively designed Battery Management System
  • Data constantly monitored and communicated via Control Area Network to the BMS and to can – compatible chargers
  • Deka network service, end-of-life solutions, disassemble ease
Deka Ready Power Lithium Forklift Battery
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logo-deka-d-seriesDecrease downtime and raise profitability with DEKA INDUSTRIAL MOTIVE POWER BATTERIES. Available in 35-160 Ah positive models, precision-built DEKA BATTERIES provide up to 2000 Ah (at a 6-hour rate) of dependable power for all your material handling needs.

Designed and manufactured with the finest materials under strict computer control, DEKA INDUSTRIAL MOTIVE POWER BATTERIES require fewer non-productive changeouts, reducing downtime. All DEKA BATTERIES pass through more than 250 quality control checks to assure consistent quality every time. And DEKA BATTERIES have the smallest percentage of warranty claims in the industry, substantially decreasing your cost-per-cycle and raising your productivity and profits.

DEKA INDUSTRIAL MOTIVE POWER BATTERIES are backed by a nationwide sales and service team, ready to handle all your industrial battery and charger repair and maintenance needs. Our highly skilled technicians come directly to your business site to conduct emergency repairs, preventative maintenance and routine inspections. This on-site service keeps your equipment up and running rather than sitting idle while batteries are sent out for repairs.

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logo-deka-maxpowrThe MAX POWR line from DEKA can deliver up to 10% more amphours in the same size battery. This additional capacity means more work per shift when compared to other batteries of the same size. East Penn engineers have achieved this added capacity by optimizing active material efficiencies, balancing positive to negative plate ratios, and increasing the electrolyte concentration in order to provide the maximum power-per-pound in a motive power battery. The MAX POWR battery is available in a full range of sizes – from 6 through 36 cells up to 1700 amp-hours.

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logo-deka-hydrasaverMaintenance costs go down when you extend your battery’s watering intervals from 1-2 weeks to 9-10 weeks. Unlike other competitive extended watering interval batteries, the Deka HydraSaver ® uses different alloy combinations and separator material that results in less water consumption. In addition, the Deka HydraSaver ® offers the following reduced maintenance features:

  • Bolt-on positive and negative terminals and cables simplify replacement and reduces safety hazards
  • A water level indicator LED warns you when the battery needs to be watered
  • Flip-top Water Miser™ easy open and close vent caps help extend watering intervals
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logo-deka-fastchargeDeka Fast Charge Batteries are built to last longer under rigorous fast charge conditions. Optimized for electrical conductivity and extended performance, they feature:

  • Heavy-duty intercell connectors – provides optimal current transfer
  • Copper inserts in single post cells – improves conductivity
  • Single or dual cables and connectors – available based on charger connection requirements
  • Optional vented trays and forced air cooling – optimizes air circulation

Deka also offers value added products and services to maximize fast charging productivity, reliability and performance:

  • Battery to charger communication devices measure critical data such as AH throughput and operation conditions
  • Electrolyte level monitoring and watering systems minimize water time and maintenance expense
  • Turn key installation programs, scheduled watering and maintenance programs from the industry’s most dependable North American network
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logo-deka-maintenance-saverThe Deka “Maintenance Saver” line reduces watering maintenance to as few as four times per year under normal conditions.

You save time and expenses. And, the possibility of overfilling is reduced, so it takes less time to clean the battery and neutralize corrosive acid deposits.

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logo-deka-dominatorDEKA quality DOMINATOR and GEL-MATE BATTERIES never need watering, saving you countless routine maintenance hours. With proper care and charging, DEKA DOMINATOR and GEL-MATE BATTERIES provide your medium- and light-duty applications with reliable maintenance-free power. Full discharge and recharge or opportunity charging…the DEKA DOMINATOR delivers.* Other manufacturers’ batteries may be rated higher on paper, but DEKA actually meets its published rated capacities.

The secret is our specially formulated gelled electrolyte, which is designed to eliminate watering and extend battery life. The major cause of early failure in batteries is over- or under-watering. Gelled electrolyte uses an oxygen “recombination” technique to recombine water normally lost in a conventional “wet” battery. And DEKA DOMINATOR and GEL-MATE BATTERIES are spillproof, leakproof and won’t suffer vibration damage.

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logo-deka-charge-mateDeka ChargeMate combines a battery and charger into one unit to eliminate the need for remote charging equipment. Just connect the battery to its own internal charger, and plug it into any 15 amp 120 volt AC outlet for safe, easy charging anywhere, at any time…for maximum convenience and flexibility.

Only ChargeMate features a Deka precision-constructed industrial battery, built with the world’s most advanced computer-integrated manufacturing methods for the highest quality and best performance anywhere.

The specially matched auto start/stop charger gives the Deka ChargeMate maximum power, longer life and ease of operation.

Available in 12- and 24-volt, 150-425 ampere hour, the Deka ChargeMate fits all major sizes of pallet jacks.

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motive-logo-8DEKA POWR MATE BATTERIES combine all the benefits of a maintenance-free gel battery with an on-board, capacity-matched charger. No need to return the pallet jack to a remote, centralized charging area; simply connect the DEKA POWR MATE charger into any 15-amp 120-volt AC outlet.

Innovative Design Features:

  • 2 battery sizes to fit virtually any pallet jack for light to medium use
  • Protective hinged cover – standard on all DEKA POWR MATE BATTERIES
  • Secure-fit battery hold-downs
  • Integrated connector and auto start/stop charger with LED display

The DEKA POWR MATE…maximum power, ease of operation and two to three times longer battery life than similar units supplied with group 24 and 27 AGM batteries.

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