Taylor-Dunn E-455 GT

The model E-455 tow tractor is designed for towing loads up to 9,000 lbs in narrow and flat level surface while providing operator comfort. Nothing in its class matches the power, maneuverability, and ergonomics of this rugged, dependable tow tractor.

The E-455 utilizes a 24 volt GT drive system equipped with a solid state controller and a drive train incorporating a 5.7 HP DC SEM motor attached to an automotive differential to provide rugged and reliable service for years to come.

The large operator compartment, rear suspension and adjustable, cushioned seat provide for a more comfortable ride. The optional tilted, automotive steering adds to the ease of this vehicle’s operation.

Practical features, such as a heavy-duty, unitized steel frame and a large forward battery compartment provide durability, as well as ease of maintenance and operation.

Taylor Dunn E-455 GT
Model E-455 GT
Type Electric
Speed 6 mph (9.6 km/h)
Range 18 miles (29 km)
Load Capacity N/A
Tow Capacity DBP: 180 lbs. Towing Capacity: 9,000 lbs. (4,082 kg)
People 1