Taylor-Dunn Tow Tractors

Taylor-Dunn offers a wide variety of industrial and ground-support tow tractors to meet demanding requirements in the factory and on the tarmac. Our tow tractors are engineered and manufactured to provide maneuverable, rugged, safe, and cost-effective service for demanding applications. Offered in gas, electric, diesel, and LPG configurations, Taylor-Dunn’s tow tractors are the right solution for towing loads of up to 168,000 lbs.

C-410T C-410 N/A 12500 1
C-420T C-420 N/A 20000 2
C-425GTT C-425 GT N/A 15000 1
C-426ACT C-426 AC N/A 30000 1
E-451T E-451 N/A 10000 1
E-455 GTT E-455 GT N/A 9000 1
E-457T E-457 N/A 15000 1
TC-3060LT TC-30/60 L N/A 84000 2
TC-3050CT TC-30/50C N/A 50000 1
TC-3060T TC-30/60 N/A 84000 1
TC-50ET TC-50E N/A 60000 2
TC-80120T TC-80/120 N/A 168000 1
TT-316T TT-316 N/A 16000 1