Taylor-Dunn BT-248 48V GT

Taylor Dunn’s Model BT-248 48V GT tram is a 10-passenger personnel carrier with back-to-back seating.  Superior design and quality workmanship sustain its leading edge on the competition.

The BT-248 tram’s back-to-back seating configuration is has been preferred for decades for touring applications. In addition, this vehicle’s all steel, all welded unitized body requires virtually no maintenance.

Taylor Dunn BT-248 48V GT
Model BT-248 48V GT
Type Electric
Speed 11 mph (17.7 km/h)
Range 24 miles (38 km)
Load Capacity 3,000 lbs. (1,360 kg.)
Tow Capacity 12,500 lbs. (5,682 kg)
People 10