Taylor-Dunn SC-090 24V

The Taylor-Dunn SC-090 24V is a cost-effective solution to improve efficiency in any warehousing application. This unique narrow aisle, highly maneuverable vehicle provides an ergonomic advantage to the operator by bringing him closer to the material to be picked.

The SC-090 24V is designed with an all steel unitized body, automotive differential and 24 volt Direct Gear Drive system, providing years of service in rugged applications.

Options like multi-level shelving, clipboard, automotive steering wheel, or extended deck overlay provide maximum functionality for your operation.

Taylor Dunn SC-090 24V
Model SC-090 24V
Type Electric
Speed 9 mph (14.5 km/h)
Range 20 miles (32 km)
Load Capacity 900 lbs. (400 Kg.)
Tow Capacity 2,000 lbs. (909 kg)
People 1