Taylor-Dunn B-210 GT

The B-210 is designed to provide a cost effective solution for your utility applications. Vehicle performance meets or exceeds any comparable gasoline powered vehicles while providing lower maintenance and operating costs.

With growing concerns related to noise and air pollution, the B-210 provides an ideal solution without compromising performance. Its unique design features allow the vehicle to be reconfigured to personnel carrier, burden carrier or tow vehicle in the field to meet your changing needs.

The B-210 is equipped with a 36 volt GT electric drive system that utilizes an automotive differential that provides years of reliable service.  Equipped standard with on-board automatic charger, battery discharge indicator, dual headlights, taillights, and hydraulic brakes, makes the B-210 the best value in its class of vehicles.

The B-210 with steel cab and doors, stake sides, cargo box, tool box, 4 passenger, or 6 passenger designs can be configured to meet your specific needs.

Taylor Dunn B-210 GT
Model B-210 GT
Type Electric
Speed 11 mph (17.7 km/h)
Range 24 miles (38 km)
Load Capacity 2,400 lbs. (1,088.6 kg.)
Tow Capacity 8,400 lbs. (3818 kg)
People 2