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Since the day they built their first vehicle in 1949, Taylor-Dunn has dedicated itself to designing and manufacturing tough, dependable vehicles for industrial and commercial applications. Taylor-Dunn’s product line of standard vehicles provides the industry’s most versatile, application-specific solutions for carrying people, moving material, and towing loads.

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Our turnkey utility vehicle solutions don’t end with the sale of a new vehicle. We provide solutions to our partners. Energy Products offers on-site service, carries a large inventory of parts, and also maintains a constantly rotating inventory of used vehicles and equipment.

Taylor-Dunn Industrial Vehicles

Industrial Vehicles For All Applications

When versatility in load capacities, optional configurations, and performance is required, look no further than Taylor-Dunn’s line of burden carriers. Our burden carriers handle loads up to 6,400 lbs., transport up to six people, and tow up to 20,000 lbs. Offering unitized bodies, 16-gauge steel frames, and automotive differentials for strength and reliability, Taylor-Dunn’s burden carriers are the perfect solution for your application.

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Taylor-Dunn’s commercial vehicles move people and carry lighter loads with economy and convenience for both industrial and commercial applications. Offering a range of two, four, six, or eight-passenger models, our commercial vehicles are quiet and environmentally friendly solutions for common indoor and outdoor people-moving applications.

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Stockchasers are a cost-effective solution to improve efficiency in warehousing applications. These narrow-aisle, highly maneuverable vehicles bring the operator closer to the material that needs to be picked. Equipped with stepladders, stockchasers allow operators to pick materials from higher locations. Choose the options that provide maximum functionality for your operation and rely on Taylor-Dunn stockchaser parts and service to keep your operation running efficiently.

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Taylor-Dunn offers a wide variety of industrial and ground-support tow tractors to meet demanding requirements in the factory and on the tarmac. Our tow tractors are engineered and manufactured to provide maneuverable, rugged, safe, and cost-effective service for demanding applications. Offered in gas, electric, diesel, and LPG configurations, Taylor-Dunn’s tow tractors are the right solution for towing loads of up to 168,000 lbs.

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Taylor-Dunn understands that getting people to where they need to go is vital to reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Whether you need to move a single individual or a thirty-person team, you can depend on Taylor-Dunn personnel carriers to get your group there in a safe, timely, and cost-effective manner.

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Designed to meet the needs of unique outdoor applications, Taylor-Dunn’s electric utility carts and electric utility vehicles offer practical solutions with optimal performance. Offering speeds reaching 25 mph and load capacities up to 3,000 lbs., Taylor-Dunn’s electric utility vehicles will get the job done safely and quickly while reducing your operating and maintenance costs in the process.

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