A Winning Culture Leads To The Energy Products Difference

Energy Products Corporate Headquarters

Dark. Grungy. Gritty. Dirty. These are the things typically associated with battery distributors and utility vehicle shops.

That’s simply not the way we operate. We’ve got a first class company, with first class facilities, first class equipment and first class products powered by a team of first class people.

It’s different here. We are not just a shop trying to sell you something. We work with you, our partners, to provide solutions to take your business to the next level. To start that process, we took our own business to the next level.

A Winning Atmosphere and Culture.

When you walk into our offices and warehouse, something just seems different. And that is because it is. Our headquarters boasts a 1250 sq ft fitness center stocked with professional gym equipment and locker rooms. You will find a state of the art training center that features HD projection screens , multiple Flat Panels and AirLink software to allow multiple presenters to wirelessly project their information. Speaking of flat panels, you can find around 20 of them throughout the building. The tree lined garden patio features a built-in grill, beer tap, outdoor seating and shade structures providing a great place for staff to get away, or for customers and vendors to join us for our summertime BBQ’s. And if you need a minute to get away, the recreation area includes ping-pong and air hockey tables.

Let’s Talk Warehouse and Organization.

The fully enclosed 5-bay truck dock keeps products flowing in and out of the facility while keeping our staff and your products out of the wet and cold. The facility is clean and organized. Inventory is controlled and orders are filled using our inventory management software and bar code scanners to ensure proper first-in first-out product rotation and that each order receives exactly what was ordered. Our service techs receive and manage their service calls via data connected iPads, and in-house repairs are tracked through the process using our proprietary tag-in system. These are just some of the tools that we use everyday to improve the experience with Energy Products and the Employee, Vendor and Customer levels.

Light. Fun. Comprehensive. Clean.

Our success depends on your success. If business as usual works for you, then we wish you the best of luck. If you are ready to take your business to the next level, connect with a supplier that has taken theirs to the next level. It’s different here. In a good way. Let us show you the Energy Products Difference.

Quality Policy

Energy Products is committed to supplying the best quality, innovation, delivery and customer satisfaction at the best value and strive everyday to be best in class by continuous improvement in every aspect of the business. We will serve our customers with fast, friendly and competent service exceeding the customer’s expectations.