We offer programs to communities and municipalities to support their recycling efforts. Help keep the environment in your community safe with one of our programs!


If your company uses batteries, we can recycle them for you. Whether it is a single recycling job or an ongoing program, Energy Products will take care of everything.


Our recycling kits are perfect for households.  Simply order a kit, fill it with all of your used batteries, and send it back with the pre-paid shipping label.

UPS Battery Recycling

Protect the environment and comply with environmental laws by letting Energy Products handle your Uninterruptible Power Supply recycling process.

Our Battery Recycling Difference

Recycling has become a significant issue for more and more industries as they realize the importance of preserving our limited natural resources.  In conjunction with East Penn Manufacturing Company, Energy Products began recycling long before the practice was mandated by federal and state governments.

Our recycling facilities include an EPA permitted secondary lead smelter and refinery, the industry’s first acid reclamation plant and a state-of-the-art water treatment facility.

As an industry leader in both battery recycling and distribution, we provide a full life cycle of services to meet your needs. Just a few items that differentiate us are:

  • Environmental Engineer on staff
  • We have our own de-installation team for stationary batteries as opposed to others who contract that service out.
  • All of our batteries are recycled within the United States, meeting all EPA specifications