Max Power & Hydra Saver
Motive Power - Industrial Batteries

Max Power

The Max Power line from Deka can deliver up to 10% more amp-hours in the same size battery. This additional capacity means more work per shift when compared to other batteries of the same size.

East Pen engineers have achieved this added capacity by optimizing active material efficiencies, balancing positive to negative plate ratios, and increasing the electrolyte concentration in order to provide the maximum Power-per-pound in a motive power battery.

The Max Power Battery is available in a full range of sizes – from 6 through 36 cells up to 1700 amp-hours.


Hydra Saver

Deka’s new HydraSaver battery extends watering intervals and offers reduced maintenance features.

Maintenance costs go down when you extend your battery’s watering intervals from 1-2 weeks to 9-10 weeks. Unlike other competitive extended watering interval batteries, the Deka HydraSaver uses different lead alloy combination and separator material that results in less water consumption. In addition, the HydraSaver offers the following reduced maintenance features:

Bolt-on positive and negative terminals and cables simplify replacement and reduce safety hazards
A water level indicator LED warns you when the battery needs to be watered
Flip-top Water Miser easy open and close vent caps help extend watering intervals